Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shade-Loving Garden Vegetables

Big, beautiful trees increase your home's value, shelter your house from the sun in the hot summer, and are beautiful. 

Unfortunately, shade is the bane of gardens. The vast majority of vegetables need a "sheltered, sunny spot." 

We're trying to make the most of our gardening, however. Sometimes, a really nice spot for a garden gets less than full sunlight. 

So, what can grow in the shade? 

Cucumbers: keep well watered, especially when flowering and fruiting. Sow in rich soil with lots of manure or other high-nitrogen compost. 

Zucchini: same advice as above. Support vining varieties as necessary. Yes, zukes are the fecund bunnies or HeLa cells of the garden. You don't need 1000 zucchini, so don't overplant. 

Spinach: as spinach does not do well in hot conditions, shade during the afternoon is beneficial to this fast-growing crop. High-nitrogen fertilizer or compost increases yield. 

Peas: peas, snow peas, and sugar snap peas prefer damp, cool, shaded spots. Apply lime if your soil is acidic. Compost or aged manure helps peas grow. Support vines with twigs. 

String beans: sheltered, light shade is preferred. Keep the soil very moist, especially during flowering. String beans have deep roots and prefer deep soil. Pick often, as this encourages more beans. 

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