Saturday, February 7, 2009

Container Gardening for Butternut Squash

This review is from, about "Burpee's Butterbush" 
"This was my first time growing squash and I was very pleased with this variety. I grew 6 of these plants. I planted them in Miracle grow soil using 6, 5 gallon buckets in my front yard which has full sun. Plants produced 32 squash that where between 1-2 lbs each. I only sprayed twice this season for some bugs. Plants were very ornamental and the neighbors loved watching the progress. Squash were kept clean because the plant grew in a mounding format about a foot and a half tall and two feet wide allowing the squash to dangle from the top of the bucket. Not bad return on less than $3.00 of seed and six buckets of soil."
She grew 32 butternut squash, around 50 lbs. of food. 

At my farmer's market, a 2 lb. butternut was $5 last week. That means she grew $160 worth of squash for $3 in seed. 

That's the kind of value that we need to inject into this ecomony. That's the kind of help we need to give our neighbors. 

Notice also that she used 5 gallon buckets to grow these butternuts, not a yard plot. You could do this on an apartment balcony. 

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